Quality Policy

It is the established policy of our company to provide customers with services and procedures, at the right price, which fits their individual needs and requirements, and which is in conformance with our quality specifications and in compliance with the Security Officer’s Act 92/1987.

It means that we must do everything right the first time, knowing that this will maximise our growth, profitability and service. Quality is a major key in achieving this and we recognise the vital importance of our valued customers.

The goal of customer’s satisfaction necessitates us to be flexible in the accommodation of their needs and requirements, and to respond promptly and consistently to them.

Mission Statement

To be fully participating in the main stream of economic advancement for our communities and to effectively empower others through skills transfer and job creation. To live in safe communities and work in safe business environments for years to come. To provide quality services that are standardised and approved. To be part of economic advancement and development in our communities and human empowerment through skills transfer and job creation. To better understand customer feelings and behaviour and be part of macro environment.

Goals and Objectives

The overall objective of the company is the combat of crime directed at business premises and its macro environment.

To create security awareness amongst target constituencies.

To create jobs and training for the unemployed and balance the equity ratio.

To recruit specially trained security personnel for effective delivery.


Our operations division is responsible for the expeditious, deployment, supervision and control of guarding force. It is monitored by senior staff with extensive military law enforcement experience in security arena.

The division performs according to system and structure that are clearly defined and have rigid parameters. Rank structures are designed in accordance with the level of responsibility that tally with proven capability of our personnel.

Control monitor, the company has 24-hour control room that covers 100 kilometres two-way repeater in communication with the response, supervisors and security officers or rank.


The corporate has earned 34 years’ experience in security industry since 1985 and the management personnel has received many awards and certificates of trustworthiness that made management a key responsibility with vast knowledge of security technology.

• Administration
• Client Liaison
• Planning
• Leading
• Organising
• Controlling and Evaluation